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A few days before Christmas, the singer Pia Mia has been sighted this Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at Barney's in New York. Jacket and CAP, the look of young woman resembles strangely girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

Very close to Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia seems to canada goose manitoba jacket much like the look of his girlfriend. Seen out of the Department store Barney's in New York, the young woman seems adopt clothing styles of the Kylie bimbo.

Protected from rapper Kanye West, the 19-year-old woman is very often alongside the Jenner sisters. Looks original and offbeat, Pia Mia is close to the style of Kylie. Dyeing hair and provocative outfits, everything is good to get noticed. Proof Tuesday, when the beautiful shopping spree.

In an old school style, the rapper has not gone unnoticed in the streets of New York. A large khaki jacket pink fur canada goose kensington for the side girly diva as the bimbo accompanied by a plain white top. As an accessory, the manikin placed once again on the vintage and opts for a ras of blue neck as Kylie there is little. Platinum blonde hair, Princess Pia Mia decorates all wearing a cap upside down.
While the youngest of the Jenner has posted there is little a snapshot of her canada goose kensington parkacap on her head, his girlfriend Pia seems the trend surfing. Extravagant or any merely hearty, Pia Mia is pointing the finger.

After many hot shots Instagram Kylie post on his account, his girlfriend Princess Pia also follows the same direction. The Jenner bimbo rubbed off on her girlfriends. Possibly jealous of canada goose kensington sale the notoriety of the Tyga girlfriend, the young singer to all air for example.

Deemed too close to his mentor by Kim Kardashian, the Pia star seems to get the sisters to dos. Attention!